Discover Next Level Comfort

with fütz hiking socks

Natural & Sustainable

Made with itch-free Merino wool with recycled nylon, it’s good for our skin and for our earth.

Temperature Control

Wool fibres traps body heat, keeping warm and cool by pulling moisture away from skin.

Sweat-free & Dry

Wool fibres naturlly allows for moisture wicking properties, allowing the air to pass through the garment easily so it can dry out.

*Fun fact: Merino wool can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture and remain dry to touch.

Extremely Breathable

Mesh panels throughout the socks and wool’s natural movement of moisture from high humidity areas to low humidity areas for A+ breathability.

Lightweight to Heavyweight

3 options to choose by what suits your needs. Lightweight for warmer months with easy trail walks, Midweight for extra protection and cushion for comfort, Heavy weight suitable for maximum protection with extra warmth.

More to Explore

Whether it's for the easy trail walk, or long hiking trip, we’re here to help you put your best fütz forward on all outdoor activity.