Our Story

The founder of fütz, Gurmeet Singh, has been manufacturing socks for other brands for over 30 years, but his vast experience showed him that there was something missing in the sock market. He felt that the socks in the market never matched his vision of how a perfect sock should feel. Across his travels throughout Europe and Japan, he saw that there were quality socks available but he could never find anything closer to home.

“What makes a sock a perfect fit?" For Gurmeet, this question planted a seed - designing exceptional socks for any occasion and making them widely accessible became a problem he was determined to solve.


A Quest for Comfort

In 2014, he began collecting samples on shopping trips during his travels and studying them closely. Finding a manufacturer that could uphold his meticulous standards proved to be a challenge. He developed an innovative 10-step process to ensure designs met his quality standards; breathable material, a mesh cuff that does not dig into the skin, and no bulky seams for the ultimate comfort. This was achieved through extensive back-and-forth communication with manufacturers all the way from Italy to Japan.


Change You Can Wear

Artisan craftsmanship combined with years of narrowing down the features of the ultimate sock brought fütz to the North American market in the summer of 2019. Today, the design team at fütz is on a big mission to set the standard of sustainable practices in the textile industry by making better quality socks available while upholding our commitment to the environment. The selection process of materials like long staple combed cotton, rayon from bamboo, and Italian cashmere blend, proves the incredible power of small design choices that come together to create the perfect product.


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Whether it's the simple beauty of the Essentials collection, or the eclectic mix of patterns in the Expressive collection, we’re here to help you put your best fütz forward everyday of the week.

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