4 Women’s Sock Styling Trends for Fall 2021

4 Women’s Sock Styling Trends for Fall 2021

What is in style this fall? Don’t be the last to know about the latest fashions trends while staying comfortable in your fütz. Let us guide you through the most fashionable women’s trends of fall 2021 to show off your socks. Our newest collection is crafted with precision, innovation and comfort to deliver the best socks possible that are not only super cozy, but are also on trend. This year calls for glamorous and exquisite looks reminiscent of the Roaring 20s with a touch of warm knitted softness, as well as linear patterns. 

The Roaring 20s 

This year the fall trends call for bright & shimmering tones, with elegant and exquisite finish. Flapper, sequin and nightie-inspired dresses are once again taking over the fashion scene. As the weather drops it is crucial to keep your feet warm without sacrificing the look so we got you covered with our all time classic - Lurex with a bow. This season this fancy style comes in soft and luminescent rose color and is perfect for any formal or informal outing. Another great way to showcase and emphasize a fancy fit is by introducing more neutral & solid tones throughout the look. The socks from Essential Collection do not only feel seamless and soft but enhance any outfit with their neutral & saturated colours and comfort.

Comfy Knits

Nothing is more cozy than the soft yet elegant knitwear that’s coming back to style this fall. Whether you are styling a cable sweater or a knitted vest, staying warm is definitely a priority in these fall season temperatures. Our new Boot Socks collection will not only match any comfy knit, but will keep you warm and cozy throughout the season. Soft & warm, the cashmere socks will look great with both heels and loafers, but also boots and sneakers.

Stripes Stripes Stripes 

This season exaggerated patterns, prints and stripes are once again taking over the fashion scene. While we have many new patterned styles for the Men’s Expressive Collection that could be a perfect fall present for a loved one, colleague or a friend, women’s styles this season come in stripes. Our new Italian Cashmere Blend Stripe socks are comfortable and trendy, will complement an already striped fit or add that extra spark to a more solid style.

Slick & Stylish

Tailored button-downs are making a comeback with their slick and sophisticated looks. While we believe any fütz chic sock style from the Essential or Boot collections could be a great counterpart to the trend, we would recommend that you try our newest cashmere socks for the extra warmth and comfiness. Don’t forget about our extensive selection of gift boxes and bundles available all year round for a perfect fütz gift.

About the New fütz Essential Collection for Women

Experience the apex of style and comfort no matter the occasion! From our shimmery Lurex with Bow socks, to the earthy tones of our Organic Cotton with Recycled fibers socks, and our newest additions Italian Cashmere with Stripe socks. You’re bound to find a perfect fit no matter your personal style. Check out our women’s collection for a wide variety of all occasion socks including Boot Socks and irresistible sock Gifts.