A Self Care Guide for Your Feet

A Self Care Guide for Your Feet

What does self care look like for you? We believe a healthy life starts with healthy feet! Good sock support helps you feel comfortable and confident wherever you're going. Giving special attention to your feet, can also help target pain in your back, knees, and hips. However, the complete opposite happens when neglecting feet care. This results in pain and discomfort; two things that keep us from looking and feeling our best. This is especially crucial to keep in mind for those who have diabetes, as they can experience increased tingling, pain, numbness, and more in their feet. We at fütz Socks are here to make your feet the stars of the show, so keep reading for more self care tips!

Pamper Yourself

At home pedicures anyone? This week, try to incorporate some self care time dedicated just to your feet. Be sure to soak your feet, for no longer than 10 minutes, and wash with warm water and soap. This is a great way to relax tired feet. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a scrub or foot brush. Try a natural exfoliant, or a fun DIY foot mask. Be sure to also use a file or pumice stone to remove the extra dead skin. We encourage you to get creative and make your own, but if you can’t always go the natural and sustainable way! We love this homemade, all natural pedicure basket from Blue Haven Holistic which comes with a wooden brush, a lavender and peppermint foot soak, and more! Trimming your toenails and ridding cuticles of hangnails is also key. One of the most important tips is to use moisturizer on your feet and toes every day. Feet get dry too! And lack of moisture can lead to dry and cracked soles. If you have some extra time, try to massage the soles of your feet. We hold so much tension in these muscles unknowingly, but sometimes a simple foot massage can really help us unwind.

Healthy Feet Healthy Life

Be sure to put on clean socks everyday, our men’s and women’s collections feature a seamless toe design which is always the way to go. Your socks should be snug, but never too tight. Be sure to get active in some way every day! Movement is so crucial to the regulation of blood flow all throughout your body, especially your feet. Dancing, yoga, jogging, and more can help get you up and active, while having fun. In addition to this, stretching your feet daily is good practice. It’s especially important if you like wearing heels more often. Try some of these stretches!

Looking Good, Feeling Good

Self care is crucial for your entire body. When your feet feel taken care of, you feel taken care of! Treat yourself to some good quality fütz Socks . The breathable mesh panels on the bottoms of our socks keep your feet ventilated throughout the day, and our Performance Socks come with great arch support to help with blood circulation. We’re here to keep your feet protected and fashionable this summer! With these tips, you’ll be sure to always put your #BestFützForward.

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