The Best Fall Dress Socks Trends in Men's Fashion

The Best Fall Dress Socks Trends in Men's Fashion

Within the past few years, we’ve witnessed novelty socks for men evolve from being one of the most underrated accessories to one of the most expressive elements of a man’s outfit. As of lately, bright colours and distinctive patterns have been a popular trend in sock fashion. While some classic patterns like stripes, paisley, and plaid remain in style, they’ve definitely taken on a newly refined eye-catching look. Keep reading witness their evolution, and learn more about some of the finest men’s sock patterns of 2021:

Paisley Legacy

The paisley pattern has been one of the most popular patterns in textile design since the early 17th century in Iran. The ornamental design can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, making it a favorite print of designers. This year we’ve brought the Paisley Legacy back with a fun and fashionable twist. Fabricated with the finest mercerized cotton, our latest mid-calf high dress socks for men embody paisley with plaids in an earthier colour palette. 

Playful Plaid 

It can come as no surprise that plaid is inherently a traditional fall print! While it may be a classic, the pattern has proven itself to be oh-so-versatile. This year we’ve refined and incorporated it into our Low-Key Luxe socks which are available in both black and navy. Their subtle color scheme makes them feel good on your feet, whether you’re throwing on dress shoes or leather boots.

Stripes Out

While some may deem them as a summer favorite, stripes are seasonless and make just as much sense for the cooler seasons. We believe in that so much, that we’ve incorporated stripes in three of our latest must-have office-ready silhouettes for men. Starting with the already best-seller Kaleidoscope Stripes, this style feature just the right amount of personality with muted contrasting tones. Next in line is our New Wave’s innovative design that puts a modern spin on minimalist pinstripes. These subtle styles look and feel ultra-classy, without overpowering your entire look.

Geometric Patterns

When speaking on patterns, we can’t forget about the most intricate ones of all - geometric patterns. While they have been the new rave in men’s sock fashion, high-quality sock engineering can make a whole lot of a difference in how they look and feel on feet. Our Simple Six silhouette hits all the marks of eye-catching, yet refined novelty fit. Knit with precision and the finest quality fibers - these socks will remain just as vibrant and comfortable for as long as you rock them. 

About fütz Socks Men’s Collection

What makes a superior sock that offers equally exceptional style and comfort? Today’s best dress socks are cut from the best materials, with all the high-quality durability, exceptional breathability, and supersoft goodness of quality fibers. From the sleek seamless toe construction, extra arch support, and reinforced heels feature - our socks have them all! So whether you are looking for distinctive top-of-line Expressive socks for business meetings, Essentials for everyday wear, or Crew Socks for your morning run, we’ve got your feet covered.