Experience the Luxury of Simplicity

Experience the Luxury of Simplicity

Here at fütz, simplicity is the philosophy that guides everything we do. To us, this is luxury. Our brand supports the idea of minimizing textile waste by buying better quality socks from natural fibers, and recycling the old ones to give them a new life.

man tying his shoes

Socks you can feel good about

Our design team is on a big mission to set the standards of sustainable practices in the textile industry. We are making better quality socks available while upholding our commitment to the environment. Knit with thoughtful consideration, using traditional craftsmanship and the finest natural fibers, such as; premium long staple combed cotton, bamboo rayon, and Italian cashmere blend. Weaving together exceptional styles and functional designs, we provide better quality socks to keep your feet feeling on point every day of the week.

Keeping your sock game strong

As a sock company, we take our responsibility of keeping your sock game strong very seriously. We set up a program to take away your worries to keep your sock drawer up-to-date, by creating our Socks SimplifiedTM Subscription Program. The program sends boxes of 4 or 8 pairs of fresh socks shipped straight to your door in a drawer organizer. Through our program, we take the stress out of  what to wear everyday so you can focus on the bigger things in life.

opened box with 8 pairs of socks

Sustainability is not “just a hot trend”, it’s our mission!

We are always working towards finding ways to help reduce contributing to the millions of tons of textile waste piling up in landfills. Through our sock recycling program, you can play a part in minimizing our impact by sending us your old socks to ensure that they are being recycled responsibly. Let us find a new life for your socks by donating them to be reused, recycled or even upcycled. Learn more about how you can join our sock recycling program.

Designed for living the good life

fütz socks are created with mindful consideration to help your feet feel their best  every day of the week by offering better quality socks you can feel good about, simplifying the way you buy socks, and taking care of old ones. We are always working on finding ways to promote simplicity, so you can focus on the important things in life.