Fall-Winter 2020: Socks are the new Fashion Statement

Fall-Winter 2020: Socks are the new Fashion Statement

Judging by the cool breeze, festive lights, and peppermint mochas, there’s no doubt that the Fall-Winter season has officially arrived! When warmth becomes a priority, it means dialing up the volume on accessories too; with a dynamic mix of elegant sock patterns, earthy colours, and trendy silhouettes – it’s all in the details. With lots of layers to work with, your style is about to get even more interesting. We’ve written a guide to walk you through some of the hottest sock styling trends to help you “sleigh” the fashion game all season long. Whether you’re getting ready for a party, going for a casual day out, or getting cozy at home - we’ve got your feet covered!


Dressing up for the holiday festivities

If there’s one way to make a statement this holiday season, it's by stepping into the party with flashy colourful patterned socks for him, or sparkly socks for her! Our new FW Men’s Expressive and Women’s Essential sock releases are made to turn heads. Designed to be styled with your chic dress shoes or fancy heels, there has never been a better time to get creative with your style. The trendy tones and eclectic patterns will not only influence the way you feel, but also add an element of interest and intrigue to your outfit.

FW 2020 Women's Essentials

Dashing through the snow with Boot Socks

One of the most exciting parts of transitioning to cooler weather is pulling out your favourite pair of boots. If you haven’t yet explored how to wear boot socks, this can be your chance to elevate your style. Pairing socks with boots is simple and fun. Wearing our new Boot Collection under your boots will not only up your fashion game, but make you more comfortable and warm. These perfect Winter essential socks are knit with the finest non-itchy wool blend, combed cotton, and super soft micropoly blend. Have fun matching your boots with your socks and get creative with it! 

FW 2020 Boot Socks

Snuggle up and get cozy indoors

Ready to kick-back and relax indoors this holiday season? We’re here to help keep you cozy with the new Boot Collection. Made from breathable natural fibers like premium long staple combed cotton, non-itchy wool blend - these socks are perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re casually dressing for a day out or styling with your favourite pajamas. The super soft materials cushion your feet while keeping them warm and cozy. To help you relax even more, we’ve launched our Gift Boxes to simplify your holiday gifting process - because after all, who wouldn’t want a fresh box of stylish socks to keep their feet looking on-point all year round?

FW 2020_Wool Boot Socks


About fütz Fall-Winter 2020 Collection

We’ve thought through and designed the perfect sock style for every occasion in store for you this season. Whether you’re dressing up for a dinner party with our Expressive Collection, getting ready for a casual day out with our Boot Collection, or even staying cozy inside Men or Women’s Essentials - we’ve got your feet covered!