Introducing our latest and greatest boot socks collection

Introducing our latest and greatest boot socks collection

From Alpaca wool to nep - we've dialed up the style and sustainability factor this year with our latest Boot Socks Collection! When it comes to style and comfort all year round, you know we've got your feet covered. Here just in time to keep your feet warm for the cooler season is our latest and greatest boot socks collection yet. You will not want to miss out on these simple, yet fashion-forward socks styles. Keep on reading to learn more about why the are deemed the "must-have essentials" of the season... 

The Sustainable, Super Soft and Extra Warm Alpaca Boot Socks for Women

Imagine the softness of Alpaca wool keeping your feet warm all winter season long! Our new Alpaca Boot Socks for women will do just that - all while ensuring sustainable and cruelty-free sourcing from happy Alpacas. Alpaca wool regrows annually, and their fibers are suitable for making boot socks. Try them in light grey, olive, or natural tones - they are an experience you will not want to miss out on! The luxurious fibers have many awesome qualities that make them great for winter like keep your feet toasty, wick away moisture, have high breathability, and are hypoallergenic. Take a step, all pun intended, towards being environmentally friendly with our alpaca boot socks.

The Latest and Greatest Men's Wool Blend Socks 

When it comes to the luxury of little things, an invigorating walk in warm and comfortable boot socks can do wonders. That is the thought that drove our sock designers towards creating an exciting range of fresh Fall/ Winter boot sock designs to keep your discerning feet feeling their best all season long. The new Wool-Blend Nep Block boot socks are a definite must have for men this season. The casual comfy socks are knit with non-itchy wool blend for extra warmth. Colourful nep speckles on leg with rib makes them the perfect sock to spruce up your fall-winter style. Grab your coat, pair them with your favourite Chelsea boots, and get out the door. 

Introducing the best gift yet, the Assorted Boot Socks Boxes

There's nothing like giving the gift of warm feet! We hear it daily from our #bestfutzforward community, that the socks they've gifted to themselves and loved ones last year were on the top of the shopping list to give again this year. We've curated some of our latest and best-selling boot socks styles to add to our gift box collection. You can now shop assorted boot socks boxes for both women and men at This is one of our favorite sock gift ideas for the holidays because it involves not only the gift, but also the gift box, sealed with a fancy black bow! 

Boot Socks Collection

Why go cold? Enjoy a wonderfully warm winter season with our new Boot Sock Collections for men and women. Be sure to try our new Alpaca Wool Blend styles for women, and Wool Blend Nep boot socks for men.