Our Boot Socks Style Guide for 2021

Our Boot Socks Style Guide for 2021

Whether you’re strolling city sidewalks or headed to today’s function, boots are a functional and fashionable statement on the pavement that nobody can deny. When the cooler seasons come around, it means dialing up the volume on accessories too; with a dynamic mix of elegant sock patterns, earthy tones, and trendy silhouettes. However, when finding the right boot socks to go with the boot style begins to feel a little overwhelming we are happy to help you offer you fashion advice. Here are some boot sock lengths, color, and materials to explore with your wardrobe this season. 

Sock length tips to keep in mind

Boots are both a winter style staple and a way to express your personality, and socks are no different. In the cooler seasons, cozy socks are a great accessory to a casual, everyday outfit. They don’t just have to be hidden under your clothes for warmth, they can add some interest to your look. 

For example, you know how when you wear booties with jeans, that bit of skin above your boot is exposed? Well wearing your socks in one of these stylish ways will solve that problem, keeping you warm all winter. Just choose a longer pair of socks compared to your boots so you can pull them over your fitted pants and then bunch them down. We recommend the classic wool blend dressy boot socks (which also come in grey, black, and charcoal). Now, let's explore a variety of common sock shades or colours, and how we recommend styling them.

Choosing the perfect sock colour

Coloured socks can add an element of interest and intrigue to your outfit. You can use them to match or accentuate shades found in your outfit, or they can be the pop of vibrancy in an ensemble that's lacking colour. If you're wearing short boots, you won't want to wear bright high socks. Think more like a splash of color like the Wool Blend Multi-Colour Stripes, or the Navy Wool Blend Nordic socks to accent your boots.

Socks that are neutral like black, grey, and beige, will complement any colors you're wearing in a subtle way. If you're pairing socks with bare legs, stick with sock shades that match your skin tone. If you're not into brightly colored socks, but still want them to be noticed, the Black Supersoft Rib Boot Sock is a good option with darker bottoms.

Wool vs Cotton: Choosing your sock material

For a crisp winter day when you’re strolling city sidewalks, a thicker Cotton Weekender Cable Boot Sock may suit your purpose. They offer a soft, breathable for everyday wear. As opposed to when you are attending a casual dinner, a pair of Dressy Wool Blend Boot Socks for her or him will look classy with your boots. To keep you toasty in cold weather, wool socks may be a better option. You can determine how much dimension you want from your socks based on the purpose of your outfit, the weather, and the occasion.


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