Reasons why the Socks Simplified™ Subscription Program makes for the perfect gift

Reasons why the Socks Simplified™ Subscription Program makes for the perfect gift

With holidays just around the corner, gift buying is now in full swing. With more people out in the streets and in malls searching for the perfect gift we have a simple but splendid gift recommendation that can be obtained in the comfort of your home. Nothing can be more fulfilling than receiving many gifts at once, especially when this feeling lasts all year long and not just during the holidays. We have prepared something very special for you this holiday season. With our Socks Simplified Subscription Box you will give a gift that keeps on giving with a box of new highest quality socks delivered straight to the door every four months. With a Socks Simplified™ Subscription, they will fall in love not just with the comfort and style, but also with the idea that they'll never have to worry about buying socks again! 

Gift him style and comfort this holiday season

We’ve curated our best-selling styles into boxes of 4 or 8 pairs of socks to ensure he will always stay on trend. Dressing up in bright & colourful socks have become a very stylish fashion statement for men which is why the subscription box comes with the hottest styles from our Expressive Collection. And of course, with addition of more casual styles from the Essential Collection for those neutral tone looks. Cozy and seamless, futz socks are designed to deliver highest quality & longevity, along with impeccable style. To stay on trend, men are signing-up for our Socks Simplified Subscription Program to help them keep their collection up-to-date! 


Simplify his sock shopping experience

Perhaps he is very busy with work or is simply not a fan of shopping - a subscription box would be a perfect gift for him. Receiving a gifted subscription box truly makes the shopping experience effortless; you never have to think about buying socks again! With this in mind our Subscription Box was designed specifically for those who would like to spend more time focusing on things that matter the most. Enjoy 20% off on our Subscription Boxes.

About our Socks SimplifiedTM Subscription Program!

Aside from the benefits of simplifying your sock shopping experience, all of our subscription boxes are designed to be reused as a socks drawer organizer. The more organized you keep your sock drawer, the easier it will be to find the right pair for your outfit. Instead of folding them inside out, try stacking them in a row horizontally. This will give you a great idea of what socks you have available at any given moment. And of course, all of our Subscription Boxes come with a gorgeous black ribbon sealing a neatly folded box.