Time to get organized! Spring cleaning for your sock drawer

Time to get organized! Spring cleaning for your sock drawer

So, be honest with yourself, how’s your sock drawer looking? A little unorganized maybe? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But having a solid sock organization system ensures you’ll always find the right pair for your outfit, without fail. It also ensures that you don’t fall into the Lonely Sock Club. So what are some quick and simple ways to organize your sock collection? We're here to give you some #Sockspiration!

Simple Sock Organization Solutions

Aside from simplifying your sock shopping experience, all of our subscription boxes are designed to be reused as a socks drawer organizer. Sign up for our Socks SimplifiedTM Subscription Program to keep your collection up-to-date! Instead of folding them inside out, try rolling each pair (shown below) and stacking them in a row horizontally. This will not only save you tons of space, but at a glance you are able to see what socks you have available at any given moment. Depending on the size of your sock collection, you can also place them next to each other vertically, saving you a little more space. This system is sure to always keep your socks together and in order. For an organization that is always visible, try putting these boxes on an open self!

Color Coordinate your Sock Collection

Now you have some space saving tips, try organizing your sock collection by texture or color. Whether it's neutrals vs. bright colors, patterns vs. solid colors, or maybe thinner socks vs. thicker socks, it's good to have a system that makes decision making a little easier in the morning. We suggest separating dress socks from your athletic socks.

More About our Socks SimplifiedTM Subscription Program

If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss sock subscription that delivers right to your door, this is it. We've curated our bestselling styles into boxes of 4 or 8 pairs of socks to keep your sock drawer up to date, with a box sent to your door every 4 months. Subscribe and receive the curated box of our bestselling styles, so you don't need to spend another minute thinking about your socks.

Every order comes shipped in our custom drawer organizer, making sure each pair has its place. Skip or cancel any time, and be sure to check out our recycling program that brings new life to your old socks!