Sock Care: Here’s How to Best Take Care of Your Fütz

Sock Care: Here’s How to Best Take Care of Your Fütz

Picture this, you’ve been wearing your new Fütz Socks everywhere, but the dreaded laundry day has finally arrived. Sometimes we don't think about the specific care needs of our clothes, and machine wash and dry like normal. However, paying attention to the care label is exactly how you can keep your socks looking clean and bright! Some of the materials in our socks warrant some special care instructions for the guarantee of longevity. Check out these quick tips for your next laundry day...

Washing your fütz socks

Incorrect wash day techniques can cause early signs of wear and tear in your clothes, and especially your fütz. We suggest machine washing your socks on perm press or with cold water. The permanent press setting is intended to wash your clothes while causing minimal wrinkling. It washes your load with warm water and rinses with cool. Warm water relaxes the existing creases while a slow spin helps keep new ones from forming as your clothes dry! We also suggest that you keep the water temperature warm or lower for each wash. The milder temperature is also ideal for minimizing fading, shrinking, and pilling, perfect for our Expressive Collection and the bright colors from the Rayon Socks

The drying process

We suggest hang drying for best results, but socks can be put in the dryer on low heat. Our socks often use recycled polyester and other materials that become damaged over time due to high dryer heat. It’s also helpful to dry your Fütz in a mesh bag before drying. It’ll keep the socks from becoming a lint magnet. Some of our socks contain small bits of Nylon that when dried, builds up static cling. And we know how much static cling makes for a linty mess!  We always recommend you hang dry after washing. Hang drying ensures longevity, meaning more Fütz fits for you! 

Extra tips to help you care for your socks

Last thing to remember is that you should never use chlorine bleach on ANY of your Fütz. Chlorine bleach specifically is not ideal to use with any of our products, but especially with some of the tricky fabrics and materials like Nylon. The socks could even start to yellow after being washed with bleach. There are numerous alternatives to bleaching, in case you want to revive your white socks without the damage, like lemon juice! Check out our Pinterest board Sock Care is Self Care for more wash day tips and tricks!

More about fütz Socks

Today, the design team at fütz is on a big mission to set the standard of sustainable practices in the textile industry by making better quality socks available while upholding our commitment to the environment. The selection process of materials like long staple combed cotton, rayon from bamboo, and Italian cashmere blend, proves the incredible power of small design choices that come together to create the perfect product. Whether it's the simple beauty of the Essentials collection, or the eclectic mix of patterns in the Expressive collection, we’re here to help you put your best fütz forward everyday of the week.