Step into 2021 on a fabulous fütz!

Step into 2021 on a fabulous fütz!

The end of one year gets most of us excited about hopping into the new year on the right foot! The year 2020 will be always be remembered for it's many lessons, including the rise in consideration of mindful living. From the importance of self-care, our impact on the environment, and using our purchasing power to support the collective good, we’ve put together some fabulous fütz focused resolutions to help inspire carrying out those valuable lessons of last year.

Look good, feel good all year long  

We would like to kick-off the new year’s resolutions by inspiring your self-care and wellness routine. We can all agree on how the power of simply looking our best can reflect on feeling good on the inside. Something as simple as riding ourselves from old, single, and worn out socks, to replacing them with new, stylish and comfortable socks, can enhance how good we feel when stepping out the front door every day. A simple way to keep your sock drawer fresh is by signing-up for our Socks Simplified Subscription Program. The program ships a box of new stylish socks straight to your door every 4 months. Our men’s and women’s collections can be a great place to begin browsing new additions to your sock collections. There you will find essentials for everyday wear, as well as boot socks to keep your feet warm for the winter. 

Being mindful of our impact on the environment

While treating yourself to a fresh sock collection this year can work wonders on your style, it’s important to keep our impact on the environment top of mind. We’ve considered our contribution to the tons of textile waste being disposed in landfills every year while designing and fabricating our socks. That’s why we’ve knit our Essentials selection with the finest natural fibers like premium long-staple combed cotton, natural bamboo, and the finest Italian Cashmere blend. Some of our best selling items include men’s LT Denim, women’s organic cotton and recycled fibers Coral and Tawny socks, making them not only good for feet but also for the environment!

Our New Year's Resolution

Let’s work together towards making this year one of being mindful of the wellbeing of humanity and all life on planet Earth. Our promise is to continuously seek innovation in sustainable operations and reduce our impact on the environment. While we inspire you to let go of the old, and make room for the new, we also encourage you to consider donating your old socks to our fütz Recycled program. The program helps give you peace of mind knowing that your old socks are being recycled responsibly. 

Happy New Year From the fütz Socks Family to Yours

We would like to wish a heartfelt happy new year to you and your loved ones! We hope that you enjoy your fütz socks this season, and for many years to come. Whether you’re dressing up for a day at the office with our Expressive Collection, a casual day out with our Boot Socks Collection, or even staying cozy inside in the Men’s or Women’s Essentials, fütz Socks has got your feet covered!