The Gift Of fütz: Valentine’s Day Style Guide 2022

The Gift Of fütz: Valentine’s Day Style Guide 2022

While every day is a great day to celebrate love, we want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day from our fütz family to yours. 

How do you celebrate love with your family, friends, and significant others? And what items do you associate with love? Flowers, candy and chocolates are wonderful, but what about gifts that never expire? We have some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you and your love. 

This year, say I love you to that special someone with the gift of fütz socks. Warm and happy feet equals a happy body and life. Taking it one step further, do your socks make you feel luxurious? We always recommend choosing a colour, texture, and pattern of socks that will leave an impression.

Whether you’re gifting a bold & distinctive style with our Expressive Collection, getting ready for a cozy day with our Boot Collection, or simply keeping things casual with our Men's or Women’s Essentials, we have something for everyone. 

Our Valentine’s day style promotions are running until February 14, 2022, with up to 30% off on gift boxes and bundles

We have simplified your shopping experience to help you find the perfect match! Here are our top bundles to shop.  

Men’s Expressive Socks

Wearing a pair of patterned and bold socks is the perfect way to show your expressive side to the world. Express your personality through style, and embody your brazen self. The Men’s Expressive Bundle comes in a variety of styles, including Classic, Dandy, Executive, and Bold. The Men’s Dress Socks Bundle is the perfect luxurious gift. 


Women’s Essential Bundle 

Every woman needs a great pair of socks to match her style and life. The Women’s Essential Bundle comes with a mix of bold and classic colours, including wine, black, navy, olive, blue and white. The simple, no-fuss sock bundle will have your feet covered and cozy all season long. fütz curated this box with the bestselling basic styles, making it the perfect gift for you or any woman in your life. 


Men’s Essential Bundle

Essential fütz socks will take you anywhere and everywhere. No matter the season, no matter the weather, these socks will be an evergreen staple in your closet. The Men’s Essential Bundle comprises the best-selling sock colours navy, black, charcoal, denim, grey, and white. 


Women’s Sustainable Boxes

Sustainability, mindfulness and care is at the forefront of our values list. The Women’s Sustainable Box comes with four socks made from recycled and bamboo fibers. The socks are hypoallergenic, comfortable, and always made with the planet’s wellbeing in mind. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the sustainably-minded and conscious. 

Men’s Sustainable Boxes

Sustainability is for everyone on the planet. Shop the Sustainable Socks Box Set for Men and give your loved ones four pairs of wonderful, eco-conscious socks. In order to make the sock experience come full-circle, you can mail them back to fütz when they are at the end of their life through the recycling program and receive 10% off your next order. 


Women’s Performance Bundle 

As an active woman, you want socks that are simple and protect your feet. The Women’s Performance Bundle offers 6 assorted pairs of no-fuss sport socks, ensuring you’re covered for all of your sport activities. Curated with the bestselling performance styles, it makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

Men’s Performance Bundle

Strenuous activity requires the perfect pair of socks. You require high-performance yarn that is engineered to wick away moisture, and our socks offer exactly this. The Men’s Performance Bundle comes with 6 assorted pairs of socks. 

Assorted Gift Boxes 

Forget going to the store to buy new socks every few months, you can simply buy the fütz socks gift box set and receive a bundle that includes everything you could need. These luxurious boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can shop the Italian Cashmere Blend Gift Set for newborns, the Women’s All Occasion Box, Men’s Subscription Box, Boot Socks Gift Box, among countless others. Take your pick, feel the softness and warmth on your feet and share the love with everyone in your life. 

The love of fütz socks 

Our fütz socks are fashionable, comfy, and keep your feet protected. Every single new day involves a ton of movement and activity. Your feet are working hard to hold you up and bring you everywhere you need to go. 

Show your love, appreciation and support with the perfect pair of fütz socks.  We hope that these Valentine’s Day gifts and style guides helped simplify your shopping experience. 

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!