The Run Down on Our Performance Socks

The Run Down on Our Performance Socks

Our Performance Collection is changing the sock game one step at a time! The collection is specifically designed with built-in features that address age-old concerns of wear & tear. The collection offers a variety of designs from crew length, mid-calf and ankle silhouettes. By paying special attention to the smallest details, we designed socks to help you experience the apex of comfort for any activity!

Sock features that will take your performance to the next level

moisture wickingGetting ready for the big game? Don’t sweat it, we’re here to support you. We put a lot of thought towards being mindful while selecting the finest of materials and built-in features for this collection. We chose the Nilit Aquarius high performance yarn, known for their moisture wicking and shape-retaining properties.

enhanced breathabilityFor even more enhanced breathability, the construction features mesh ventilation panels to prevent your feet from sweating, keeping your socks dry and in place while you spring into action!


What makes our performance socks feel so comfortable? Let's get technical and dive straight into its built-in features that make this collection so special:

seamless toeSeamless toe construction

This is one of our favorite sock features! We love it so much that we had to incorporate it into all of our socks. It can be found if you flip your socks inside out where the toe line connects to the body. Seamless toes prevent blisters caused by friction during wear.

elevated archesElevated arch support

The compression arch design provides a ‘hugging’ support to the foot while improving circulation in your feet. We all need a little support from time to time, right?

shock absorptionSuperior shock absorption

We incorporated extra cushioning to make this collection that much more comfortable for your feet.

reinforced heels and toesReinforced Heel & Toe

This method of construction allows for longer durability of your sock - so the heel and toe don’t get worn out too quickly! You’ll never have to worry about your holes in your new favorite performance socks.


Superior Performance Socks

Does it sound like you’ve found the performance socks of your dreams? Shop the men’s and women’s performance collections to experience the superior comfort for yourself! fütz socks are created with mindful consideration to help your feet feeling their best every day of the week.


Want to see what makes us special?

If you’ve enjoyed learning about our socks, we encourage you to explore the stylish selection in our Essential and Expressive Collections. Available in different sizes, designs and colors for both men and women. All fütz socks are created with mindful consideration helping you feel and look great every day of the week!